Garden Buildings Planning Permission: A Short Guide

One of the most common questions our customers ask us when visiting our dedicated showroom in Surrey is: ‘Do Garden Buildings Need Planning Permission?’ The short answer to this question is no, in most cases, consent won’t be needed from your local authority to build a structure to the rear of your home.

Why in only some cases? Garden buildings planning permission can apply in certain circumstances, so it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the rules that apply in your local area before instructing our teams to commence any work. We will, of course, be on hand to offer any technical guidance for your Surrey project.

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A Note On Timber Garden Buildings

You need to be aware that any proposed timber structure will be subject to garden buildings planning permission rules. We would like to reassure you that, in almost all cases, the structures that we build are fully compliant. In some instances, we even discover that consent isn’t required.

Other Considerations To Take Note Of

To fully determine whether garden buildings planning permission is required, you’ll need to decide where you want the structure to be placed in your garden. If you live in a heritage site, area of natural beauty, or own a listed or period property, further restrictions might apply that could affect your application.

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When Is Garden Building Planning Permission Given?

The proposed height of your building will affect whether it meets the criteria needed to be granted planning permission.

The following two scenarios describe situations whereby your outbuilding in Surrey will satisfy local red tape requirements:

  • A garden building should be sited no further than 2.0m from your home’s boundary. In terms of height, the roof of your structure should not exceed a height of 2.5m (this measurement is taken from ground floor level).
  • Should your planned building need to be placed further away than 2.0m from your property’s boundary, the single storey structure will not be able to exceed a maximum eave height of 2.5m in order to be compliant.

The above-described scenarios are overviews. Other considerations will need to be made when reviewing garden buildings planning permission rules.

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Garden Buildings Planning Permission: Other Considerations

Self-Contained Living Spaces
If you are planning on creating a garden building with the view to a lodger, friend or family member living in it, you’ll need to rethink your plans. Garden buildings planning permission won’t be granted if you want the structure to be used as a year-round living space, like a conventional room in your Surrey home.

Consider The 50% Rule When Planning
No more than half of the space surrounding your home should be taken up by any outbuildings. This means that any existing structures – such as sheds or greenhouses – need to be taken into account when making your calculations. If your proposed structure fails to meet this rule, garden buildings planning permission will be denied.

Don’t Build Forward Of Your Property
We will not be able to build a shed, greenhouses, workshop – or any other type of garden building – if it is built closer to the main road than your home.

Special Requirements: Listed Buildings
What exactly is a listed building and how does it relate to garden buildings planning permission rules in the UK? A listed building is officially judged as such by an organisation called Historic England.

If your garden building is mentioned in the List Of Buildings of Special Architectural Or Historic Interest, then a special set of criteria will apply when seeking consent for garden buildings planning permission.

Regardless of your development plans, planning permission will be needed before your planned structure can be authorised. If it is to be attached in any way to your home in Surrey, building regulations will apply.

Although these rules might seem complex, we have the expertise to guide you and can reassure you that, in almost all cases, our customers are able to get garden buildings planning permission as needed.

We Handle Everything

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