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Whatever your requirements are, you’ll be able to browse our range of outdoor buildings for sale and find a structure that satisfies your requirements. Visit our extensive showroom in Surrey to get a better idea of the range of products we sell and experience them in close-up – allowing you to make a more fully-informed buying decision.

When you choose to buy outdoor buildings for sale from Surrey Hills Garden Buildings, you’ll be choosing to work with a company that handles everything – including laying the foundations, plastering, fitting any required electrics and laying flooring. You’ll only ever have to make one phone call when you choose us as your project partner.

Explore our full range of products in this short guide, then contact our team for more information or to request a guideline quote.

Outdoor Buildings For Sale: Introducing Our Range

Which of our outdoor buildings best suits the needs of your new garden project in Surrey? Here’s a breakdown of all our products.

Have a question about any of the outdoor buildings mentioned here? We’d love to talk to you. Call or email our team for advice today.

Garden Buildings

Are you looking for an additional space in which to entertain guests or to use a pool room during the summer? A range of possibilities will be within your grasp when you choose one of our garden outdoor buildings. We can even complete any additional work required, like fitting electrics and laying flooring.

Garden Offices

If you’re self-employed, or often need to work from home, you’ll recognise the importance of being able to manage your own time. Avoid interruptions to your routine by asking our team to build an outdoor building that you can use as an office – allowing you to meet customers in a private environment.

Office Pods

You may have not heard of office pods when exploring the range of outdoor buildings available for your Surrey project. These pods can be used as meeting areas and places to make private phone calls. A series of pods can be connected together to create different rooms, providing you with separation when needed.

Summer Rooms

During warmer weather, you’ll want a place in which to relax or entertain friends or family. Our range of outdoor buildings includes summer rooms, which can be built in both modern and traditional styles. Customise your new structure with features such as laminate flooring handles and different types of glazing.


If you’re an avid gardener, and spend a lot of time outdoors, you’ll be pleased to hear that our outdoor buildings range includes greenhouses. We can build yours in different sizes and styles and shapes -for example, octagonal, rectangular and lean-to – and to suit both contemporary and modern tastes.

Garden Sheds

Surrey Hill Garden Buildings also sells a broad range of garden sheds. If you need an outdoor building in which to store gardening tools and other essential items, you’ll be able to choose your preferred storage options. Customers can also request double-door opening, lighting, electrics and more.

Combi Rooms

Customers in Surrey who need an outdoor room that fulfils more than one purpose will love our combi rooms. What about a pool room with a changing room, where you can also hang your clothes – or an office with a storage area in which to keep your stationery supplies or to use as a space for meetings.

Garden Workshops

If your garage space is already taken, and pursuing your hobby elsewhere in your home isn’t practical, building a garden workshop is the best option. Surrey Hill Garden Buildings will build a room that gives you the space you need to work efficiently, while providing enough room to store your tools and other items.

Our Experience

Choose Surrey Hill Garden Buildings for your outdoor buildings project. We will handle all aspects of your project, so you’ll only ever need to talk to us if you have a question or need an update. Before buying, come and visit us at our dedicated showroom and look around the many outdoor buildings that we have to offer – you’re bound to find something that meets your requirements and our friendly team will be on hand to help if you need guidance.

Outdoor Buildings For Sale: Find Out More Today

Whether you need a new space for entertaining guests, a place to work in or a workshop to pursue a much-loved hobby, we’ll be able to design a structure that meets your requirements in every way. Call or email us to find out more today, or come and talk to us in person at our extensive showroom instead.

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